Unit 8 – Table of contents

  1. The formation of the relief: internal and external forces (pp. 30-33).
    1. Internal forces of the Earth.
    2. External forces of the Earth: the shaping of the relief.
  2. Elements of the relief.
    1. Continental landforms (pp. 34-35).
    2. Coastal relief (p. 36).
    3. Submarine relief (p. 37).
    4. The physical map of Europe and Spain.
  3. The hydrosphere: water on Earth and the water circle.
    1. Oceans and seas.
    2. Continental waters.
    3. The waters of Europe and Spain.
  4. Geological hazards and risks and problems related with water.

Four Spheres – Crash Course Kids #6.1 and #6.2


Copy the questions in your notebook and answer the questions:

  1. Name the four spheres.
  1. Where does the word geosphere come from? What does it mean? Name some words that use the root word “geo”?
  1. Name three items that are a part of the geosphere.
  1. What is the hydrosphere made out of?
  1. Name three items that are part of the hydrosphere.
  1. What is the atmosphere made out of?
  1. How many layers are in the atmosphere?
  1. What layer contains 80% of the air on our planet?
  1. What is the biggest part of the hydrosphere?
  1. Are the clouds and the wind part of the atmosphere or the hydrosphere?

Physical maps of Europe and Spain

List of elements for the test: Spain (For test)

List of elements – Elements of the relief and waters (Spain and Europe).





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