Unit 3 – Timeline of Ancient Egypt

You have to ellaborate a timeline about Ancient Egypt, so follow the instructions given in this graph and let’s go:

You have to reflect the following dates in the timeline:


  • 3200-3100 BCE – Grey
  • 3100-2600 BCE– Early dynastic Period
  • 2600-2200 BCE – Old Kingdom.
  • 2200-2000 BCE – First Intermediate Period.
  • 2000-1800 BCE – Middle Kingdom.
  • 1800-1600 BCE – Second Intermediate Period.
  • 1600-1100 BCE – New Kingdom.
  • 1100-30 BCE – Late Period.
  • 30-1 BCE – Grey

Also, mark years: 770, 670, 525 and 332 BCE

There are 3200 years to be reflected in the timeline, so 32 centuries. Divide your page in 32 centimetres, and each of those centimetres will be one century. Since your page may be shorter than that you can try sticking another page or doing a diagonal line.

Then, start measuring. For example, the first period is 1 cm. from the left, then 5 cms. from the previous date, etc.

Do the second type of timeline of the graph, which means not doing just a line but two parallel lines in which you can colour the inside. I would recommend you to colour the intermediate periods in grey, and then different colours for each kingdom.

Do not forget that 770, 670, 525 and 332 BCE are not periods, but specific events. See the timeline in your textbook for reference and inspiration. And if you have a doubt, ask me.


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