Assignment – A hunter-gatherer in a Neolithic village

You were one of the few remaining nomadic hunter-gatherers in your area. Because of a set of different reasons (you can explain them if you want) you changed your life by moving into a sedentary Neolithic settlement. That was some years ago, and even today, every now and then, you look back and you remember how your life was and the many ways it has changed for good and bad over these years. 


Your assignment consists on writing your thoughts in first person as though you were that hunter-gatherer that changed his life. It can be in the format of a diary, memoirs, etc. The minimum allowed is one page (about 250-300 words), and  you can include some images, drawings or anything you consider relevant.

The objective of this exercise is to value the changes that happened between the Palaeolithic and the Neolithic regarding the ways of life. Therefore, be creative, but include elements of comparison between both lifestyles. Also, remember that you do not live by yourself, alone, but you used to be a member of a horde and then you settled with a settlement group.


  • 1st ESO A and B: 20th Novemeber.
  • 1st ESO C: 24th November.


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