Unit 1 – Glossary

Here you have the glossary of unit 1 so you can practice how to define historical terms as we have done in the classroom.

  • Roman Empire.
  • High Roman Empire.
  • Lower Roman Empire.
  • Pax Romana.
  • Constantine the Great.
  • Theodosius the Great.
  • Eastern Roman Empire.
  • Western Roman Empire.
  • Byzantine Empire.
  • Constantinople.
  • Justinian I the Great.
  • Orthodox Christianity.
  • Basileus.
  • Iconoclastic Wars.
  • Eastern Schism.
  • Franks.
  • Battle of Vouillé.
  • Battle of Poitiers.
  • Charles Martel.
  • Pepin (Pippin) the Short.
  • Charlemagne.
  • Treaty of Verdun.
  • Manorial system.

REMEMBER: you must always begin with WHAT or WHO, and then give another 3 answers. They should occupy about 2,5-3 lines each in your notebooks.

And question number 1 in every single of my tests is “Define the following terms”, so you better improve your definition skills.




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